Saturday, September 3, 2011

1st Football Saturday 2010 ~ RTR!

Today starts the first football Saturday of the 2010 season. Being on the west coast means football starts at 9am. We get up early and get the TV and surround-sound going. Everyone goes and puts on the gameday warms my heart as Nate and Joel come out in their Alabama shirts...Cori (in her Auburn...not so much).

I always spend the first couple of games of the season explaining and answering football questions from Joel. He wants to love the game and learns more each week but still goes and plays outside just after half-time. Today we have moved into the 3rd quarter of the game and I have the living room to myself....Nate had to go to work for a few hours, Cori is watching tv in my room and Joel is outside somewhere.

Roll Tide ! Let's have a great year!

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