Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School ~ Success!

The first day of school was a big success for both of my kids!

Cori was off to school early. She has advisement (homeroom) with her best friend, Chloe. Cori also has a class with her boyfriend, and some other friends in each class. Cori was selected to participate in Honor's English and Pre-Algebra. She has an elective that is Woodworking, (1st semester), Art (2nd semester) and Drama (3rd semester). She loves all of her teachers so far and is still super excited for school.

Joel has two hot chicks for teachers this year. They are both really young and nice. (Joel's words). Cori responded to say she has all really old teachers like 70. Joel had a great 1st day and stayed on task and did not get in trouble. He was able to make a few friends and was really excited to go back to school today.

I know that we will have our share of drama, laughter, tears, homework...etc this year but I am glad to know that the 1st day was a success!

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