Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1st Day of School ~ 2011

The day I look forward to all year long  is finally here! The 1st day of school!

I worked last night so Nate got to be the one to help the kids get everything ready for school. This morning I have gotten up early and started getting both kids off to school.  Cori is off to 7th grade, and did NOT want to be walked to the bus stop or school. Joel is off to 5th grade and I'm walking him to school but he does not want me to stay till school starts and walk him into class. I am so proud of my kids.

On a funnier note, here are some of the conversations I had with the kids this morning.

Cori wakes up to say that she did not get any sleep because she was SO excited.....then Cori starts to dance around the kitchen because she is no longer a 6th grader!

Joel rolls out of bed complaining about being woken up early by Bella...I sent him to take a shower to wake up.He gets dressed and then comes in to complain about NONE of his pants fit.....Really, I bought you 10 new pairs of jeans that ALL fit yesterday. So we went to his room and pulled out a pair (which fit once he put them on).

Next, Joel complained that his new shoes were to big....Seriously Joel! So I sat down and talked with Joel so that he could calm down and relax before starting his day at school. We said a prayer and then the morning seemed to go better.

1st Day of 7th Grade!

New Zebra print backpack sent from Alabama (bc we could not find one anywhere around here)

Close up w/ new earrings!

1st Day of 5th grade! (last year in Elementary School)

With Backpack!
Both of my kids are Representing Alabama with their 1st day of school clothes!

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