Wednesday, May 29, 2013

StarCraft Zerg Cake!

Here is the start of Nate's cake. I made a spice cake with cream cheese icing between the layers. I used pre-made fondant (because the homemade was too sticky to use this time around) in 2 different colors. I added the gray around the edges. After pre-icing the cake, I added some pieces of cake to the top to add the bumps and hills to the top of the cake. Then I added purple fondant in different layers for make it look like it is falling off the cake. 

Then I added the modeling chocolate pieces to the top of the cake. Next came the pieces of jolly ranchers to be blue crystals.

This is a screen shot of what I had to work with in order to make this cake. StarCraft 2 Zerg cake with hatchery, drones, and vespene geyser made with chocolate and minerals made with blue jolly ranchers. 

Nate's first time seeing the cake

Nate was so happy with his cake he sent pictures to StarCraft fans at work and the Pres of his company, Blizzard Entertainment!

Close up of the cake

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