Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mothers Day to ME!!!!

After a hard working weekend, dealing with all those Other moms who went out to dinner on Friday and Saturday night....I got to spend my Mother's day at home with Nate and the kids....sorta.

As most Mother's Days go with children still living in the house, your mothers day is not totally yours and your kids will still be your kids. Cori bought (with Nate's money) a very nice tulip plant. She then told me I had an awesome daughter who would buy her these nice things. 

On Sunday we skipped church, SHHHHHH don't tell my Daddy, and went to the beach. It was so nice and sunny and 80 degrees at my house, but at the beach 1.5 miles away, the marine layer was thick which makes it look cloudy and foggy. Nate and I brought our books, chairs, sunscreen, snacks and Cokes. We were ready for a few hours of reading and relaxing on the beach. My kids had other plans....After 20 mins of said relaxing which included setting up my chair and towel, getting drinks and snacks for the kids multiple times, and telling Joel to stop throwing the sand.....I heard the dreadful words no mom wants to hear as she is relaxing.....I'M BORED, WHEN ARE WE LEAVING!  

Seriously, you begged to come, we left the dogs behind to have a more relaxing time, I brought you books and toys and food and you are ready to leave after 20 mins!!!!!

Nate and I managed to get a hour out of the trip before deciding to pack it up and go home. Once home we left same kids and Nate and I went to Michael's for some cake decorating supplies. I got a Bunch of cool stuff. I got two new books (very rare I buy actual books but these you don't on your Kindle for the hands on learning and use while decorating), See below. Some fondant cutouts, new icing dyes, cake stand with turn table, and a few other utensils I thought I needed. 

After getting home from our shopping I began to create a lovely cake.....it only took the rest of the day. Check out my next post for my first time with Fondant and cake decorating....

Later, I watched Lincoln, and as he is my favorite President, enjoyed the movie a great deal. Check it out at Redbox. 

Special Shout Out to My Moms, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins, Friends and more. I hope your Mother's day was as great as mine. 

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