Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Modeling Chocolate Part 2

The other day I made my own modeling chocolate. The first batch was white and worked ok but was very hard to color after turning into modeling chocolate. Note for future, color as melting chocolate not as modeling it. The next batch I bought pre-dyed candy melts from Michael's. This is what I used on Nate's cake (sorry picture wont come till after Thursday...its a secret and Nate has not seen it either).

Both batches worked ok, but not like on tv or good enough for me. They got warm really fast then stuck to your hands. I had to constantly wash them to get chocolate off of them. I had to keep freezing parts of the chocolate while I worked on other parts. It took WAY longer than expected.....which is becoming a trend with this new hobby.

Next I am going to test out the gum paste and see if I like working with that medium better.

This is one part of the modeling. The flavor is peanut butter so that tastes good. 

Here is the purple chocolate setting in the freezer, you can see the shinny part, which is the corn syrup. The syrup kept separating which added to the stickiness of the chocolate and thus less modifiable. 

I did complete the pieces for Nate's cake and they are resting safely in the freezer. The rest of his cake is baked and frosted. Tomorrow night is more fondant fun (using already made fondant this time). The cake must be done by then in order to be ready after work on Thursday....his birthday. 

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