Saturday, May 11, 2013

Making Modeling Chocolate

My newest hobby is cake decorating. Why? I have no idea but it sounds fun and everyone loves cake!

As I start this new hobby I have to learn how to make all the different facets of said cakes. Here is my first attempt at making modeling chocolate.

Recipe ~

10 oz chocolate (I used white almond bark)

1/3 cup light corn syrup

Mixing bowl

Gel or powder food coloring if you want to change the color of the chocolate.

Instructions ~

Break up chocolate and place in mixing bowl. I melted the chocolate in the microwave but if you want to melt on the stove use a double broiler. I set the microwave for 2 sets of 30 sec to melt my chocolate.

Broken up pieces of chocolate

Once the chocolate is melted, Stir the chocolate really well and then add the corn syrup. Continue to stir until  it is mixed well. I used almond bark with can separate with the corn syrup but the separation is okay. Just let the mixture set a little while longer.

Once the chocolate and syrup is mixed together spread out on a plastic cookie sheet or on wax paper in a cookie sheet. Let the chocolate sit for 2 hours. I placed mine in the fridge to help it set. If you are wanting your chocolate to be the same color you can also add in the food coloring before the chocolate is set. I want to use different colors in small parts for the chocolate so I am going to dye mine later.

Chocolate rolled out on the wax paper

After the chocolate has set for 2 hrs, pull out and the chocolate is ready for modeling. I rolled mine into smaller balls and placed in an airtight container, in the fridge. Now It is ready to mold when I have the time to work with it. Once you are starting the modeling process, let the chocolate get to room temp for easier use. 
Balls of modeling chocolate

Here are a few other items that I have to help with modeling and decorating.
Baking supplies

Decorating tips

Modeling tools

Once I have actually modeled the chocolate into something creative, I'll show you!

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