Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My First Fondant Cake...From scratch.....

For Mother's Day Nate got me some new decorating toys and books....Toys you say, well yes they are my adult toys for my adult play time.

I already had a spice cake made and sitting in the fridge so I decided to make my own marshmallow fondant to decorate it.

The recipe is easy, just a bag of marshmallows and confectioner sugar. Melt the marshmallows in the microwave and then add in a cup of sugar at a time, slowly adding more as you stir and fold together. Sounds easy right?  Easy yes, simple and fast NO! The website I got the recipe from said to be patient it will take a while. I thought I was patient until I had to make the fondant. After 1 hour of folding, pulling, rolling, and adding sugar.....I was not so patient. I did however stick with it and finish the fondant and the cake. I dyed the fondant pink with gel food coloring. I made flowers and leaves too.

The start of melted marshmallows and sugar

My work area

My fondant!!!!

Don't get me wrong this was a lot of fun and a cool learning experience for me. I will make fondant again!!!! By the way, the sugar goes EVERYWHERE!

I thought I took more pictures but I guess with the sugar going everywhere I did not. 

Here is my cake!!!!!

And the critics review was ~ 
Nate ~ loved it, tasted great, needed more icing in between the layers
Joel ~ Loved it and ate two pieces.....but said it all tasted good but the pink stuff
Cori ~ loved it, ate a piece, left the pink stuff and put it in the trash without me seeing (yea right)

So my kids were not a fan of the fondant but the cake was pretty and tasted good ! That is success in my book. Now on to Nate's Birthday cake for Thursday.

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Ilia Grubbs said...

It is super pretty! If I were there, I would have eaten all the fondant. I love that stuff! Way to go on making your own, too!