Monday, April 8, 2013

Just the 16 of us!

Trying to get us all ready for the photo

The 16 of us!
This week we (Nate, me and the kids) just came back from our first family trip back to Alabama. We had a great time (and I will get into the trip details in another blog).... This is our family. We started as 2 loving parents and 4 tolerating this group of 16!

There is Nate and Val, with Cori (14) and Joel (12). then My parents, then Daniel and his wife Leigh, with their 3 boys Lucas (5), Alex (4), and Davey (3). Dawn and her husband David, holding their daughter Alice (18mths) and on the end, Christie and her husband Jason.

This picture is the only one of all of us in years....always a spouse or sibling missing. This will be the last of its kind for 3 years as Jason and Christie are on their way to live in North Pole, Alaska.

We had planned to all have breakfast with our grandparents and go to Easter service together, but the rain and stomache bug kept that from happening. We still had a fun morning of eating, talking, picture taking and watching the kids find Easter eggs.

I am so glad we were all able to get together this last week. Memories were made by all and many stories to be told over the next few weeks about our crazy group of 16!

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