Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Public schools can just piss me off.....

Joel has been my more adventurous one when it comes to school, as in he hates to go and begs to stay home. So over the years we have had this love/hate for school. Upon finding the right medicine to help with his attention, Joel has learned to love school more and more. Let's face it I have really smart kids and now Joel is getting straight A's for all his hard work and learning. 

I make my kids go to school, no little cough or sniffles is going to let them stay home. I have to go to work and they have to go to school. One of the great things my parents taught ( into me as a child so I am doing the same to my kids. 

There are 3 trimesters for our kids school system and the school makes money for every child in school every day. So the kids have to be really sick to be sent home from school and there are LOTS of germs floating around. For the 1st Trimester, Joel only missed 1 day of school, because he had to have a tooth pulled. For the 2nd Trimester, Joel did not miss a single day. In fact he came home today with a Certificate from the Principle on having perfect attendance the 2nd Trimester. (the same day I got my letter, see below)

SO, when my kids missed 2 1/2 days for our trip to Alabama. I was not too worried about their education. Those two days were also right before spring break and again 1/2 days. 

After returning from spring break, Joel became sick, the school sent him home on Tuesday with a fever of 100.7. Clearly he was sick and feeling bad. This led to 4 more days of missing school with a fever of 103.5 most of the time. For a total of 6 days this trimester and 7 all year!!!! 

At NO point did the school call or check on Joel thru the family or Cori at school. They did send me an email everyday (the blanket one to all parents) for when your child is not in homeroom at the beginning of the day. 

Joel went back to school on Tuesday, turning in all homework, asking for missed work, taking time out of recess and before classes to get with all his teachers to get "caught up" on what he has missed. Most of which is already done, as he has been working on it the last 2 days. And he has all A's and 1 B! 

Today I get a letter from the Vice Principle stating that my child has missed 5 un-excused days (only 2 since I sent a DR's note for all the other days) and I must call the school to set up a time for Joel to attend Saturday school to bring his excessive absences back down. BULL S............

I don't care if my kids missed 10 days I am not sending them to Saturday school to make your school numbers look better to the state or to give the school more money for my kids. Saturday school is a punishment to ALL, parents, teachers, students......

So everyone say an extra prayer for the VP tomorrow morning as I give him a call!!!!!!!

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