Friday, April 12, 2013

2000 to 2013

On April 19th 1995, My husband and his siblings lost both of their grand parents in the OKC bombing. Nate and I had not even met at this time. I was sitting at home watching the news, glued to the tv. I have never been one who watches the news or paid attention to what was going on around the world. I was glued to the tv. My mom kept asking me why I thought this was so interesting or important that I watch it all day long. I told her that I did not know the reason but I felt like my life depended on me watching this story unfold.

2 months later in June of 1995, I met Nate at Winn Dixie. In the next few months I learned that his grand parents were killed in the bombing in April. Years later I look back on those moments and realize how much that day changed my life and the lives of my future family. 2 People I never met taught and raised 4 Godly women who would raised 12 wonderful kids and many grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins and in laws. I am so thankful every day for those two people. Dr Charles and Jean Hurlburt.

Here are some pictures of the memories we have made together!
April 19th, 2000 5th Anniversay

These Wonderful Parents Dr Charles and Jean Hurlburt now have 4 daughters, 3 Son in Laws, 12 grandchildren, 9 grand children in laws, 11 great-grand children....and more on the way. 
I am so thankful every day for these people and they way this family has changed my life. God Bless! 
I can't wait to meet these wonderful people in Heaven one day! 

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dawn said...

Thank you for remembering. I wish you could have met them. They would have loved you! Great pictures - brings back memories of those times.