Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 goals and plans

Instead of doing a whole bunch of resolutions that I will never keep I am making a list of 12 things I want to do or accomplish in 2013.

In no particular order of importance....

1. Meet my 2 nieces, Alice and Olivia
2. Visit 5 different places or cities I have never been before (Vegas is first the end of Jan)
3. Read a book a week
4. Take vitamins regularly
5. Finally get a California drivers license (shhhh, I know I should of already done this one) 
6. Turn 35!!!!!!
7. Take more family day trips with Nate and the kids (which I can do with my new schedule at work)
8. Help the kids be more active and involved in church/youth group
9. Cook dinner for the family at least once a week (right now it is maybe once a month) 
10. Blog More!
11. Enjoy each day and be thankful for everything God has blessed our family with!!!!

I'll let you know how this all goes!
Happy 2013

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