Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Packing Up the Truck!

Today we finished packing up the truck. We picked up the truck on Tuesday morning giving us 2 days to get everything packed. My parents and Rebekah came over and helped pack the last of the house and more than half the truck. They were a big help. We stopped at 5pm to get dinner and it started raining about 6pm. We had finished for the day just in time. My grandad came up from Montgomery for one last visit and say "goodbye" again.

Today was just Nate, my mom and I. The 3 of us have finished everything else. Now I am taking a few minutes to relax and maybe a nap before the kids get home. After school we will make the rounds to all the family in the area and say one last goodbye. My mom is the only person "brave enough" to come say goodbye before 6am on Thursday.

Nate's parents are coming for dinner and to say goodbye.

Thankfully the dogs are out of "heat" and I have the benedryl ready for the drive, along with snacks, COKES, and lots of cd's. My Kindle is about to get a lot of use because I am going to let it read to me for the next 3 days.

Please pray for our safe trip. We will be staying in OKC Thursday night, Flagstaff, Arizona Friday and night and hopefully in our own apartment on Sat night.

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The Dillard Family said...

I hate to see you all leave! Cori already has the California look down with the arms crossed and the hair. I love it!