Monday, June 17, 2013

Toddler Dresses

Two new dresses I made this weekend.

This one is a sleeveless dress, I used a solid yellow for the lining and a hot pink ribbon over the hem.

This is a simple summer dress with biase tape for the sleeves and neck hole. This adds some color and finish to the dress. The below pattern is the one I used for this dress. You can also make the dress a bubble dress with lots of fullness to it. 


Ilia Grubbs said...

Wow, you are really good at that! I love the print in that first dress. I'm so intimidated by patterns, I never get up the nerve to try them! Good job!

Valarie Barber said...

Thanks. It started when Cori was your little ones age. I just started simple and then took on each challenge. Let me know if you ever try and have questions.