Monday, June 17, 2013

High School hear we come!

When I was growing up you had Kindergarten graduation and Senior in high school graduation. Out here in California any time you leave one school to go to the next you have a promotion ceremony. Its like one school is giving permission to move on to the next school, really weird. Anyway today was Cori's promotion to High School. We had to be at the school 30 min before the ceremony, wait around the corner from the school for 15 mins to be let into the building to find seats to sit for another 20 mins before the thing started 15 mins late. The principle started the welcome speech by listing all the people who had died while the kids were in middle school, some even I didn't know who they It was very ironic to sit and listen to these 8th graders give speeches about how hard life was, overcoming difficulties, leaving friends behind and so on. I wanted to shout, You have no idea, your life is a dream right now.  After 2 hours of sitting on hard bleachers, sweating to death (if I was sweating you KNOW it was hot), and listening to children give life speeches the Principle presented the kids to the Superintendent to accept them into the new school district for high school. See out in California the high schools are a different district then the K-8th graders.

Anyway, I was able to shout for Cori when she got her certificate, make Nate's jaw drop when he saw his "grown up" daughter walk into the room and become the parent of a high school freshman.

Walking in, she is in a cream dress

She has a dance after the ceremony and then the family is going to dinner. It was her choice till she picked Taco Bell, now its Mom and Dad's choice. Hopefully I will get a family photo before the day is over. 

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