Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

As we say goodbye to 2011, we remember with affection the good times......

~ My sister came for a visit....across the many miles
~ I got to go with my cousin to see the Rose Bowl stadium, where Alabama won their 13th National Championship
~ Nate's family crossed the country to visit, and we got to meet our nephew Bryce for the 1st time
~ I made my first trip home to Alabama in July
~ Cori had her 1st real boyfriend.....and her first real break-up
~ My 1st niece, Alice was born
~ Nate got his Dream job at Blizzard and thus the gaming career has begun
~ Nate and I celebrated 13 years of marriage
~ I graduated college with a Business Degree
~ Cori got her ears pierced
~ Joel dissected a pig's heart at school (which was grey, not pink like he expected...and it smelled Really bad)
~ Cori dissected a cow's eyeball
~ Alabama will play in another National Championship game
~ I learned to knit a hat
~ I read more books then I can count...watched more movies and spend time with Nate and the kids to make memories to last a lifetime.

As with everything there is a time for gladness and laughter, and then a time for sadness and tears....
~ Nate lost an uncle this year
~ Cori lost a friend to suicide and all the questions and fears that go with it
~ I lost my babies, as both my kids are more than a decade old and growing more independent every day

The best things to look at over the last year is the fact the good outweigh the bad. Keep Christ at the center of your life and staying focused on the path in front of you. May the road rise up to meet you and your family and friends support you as you make the journey!

Thanks to all our family and friends and the mountains of prayers, love and support in 2011! Keep em coming in 2012!

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