Monday, November 7, 2011

6 Days a Week

Last week started my fun and exciting holiday schedule, which means I will be working longer shifts and 6 shifts a week. I am excited about it because it is so much fun to get in the holiday spirit at work. I started last week with working with a friend of mine, Andrea, on a training class of new servers. Andrea is going on to management and I will be able to take over the training for the server classes. All week I have been working and training new servers.

Nate spent last night finishing up his presentation for Blizzard. This week he will meet with his boss to present why he should become a full time employee with benefits. The end of November Nate will have been with the company for 6 months. Boy does time fly by fast. Please pray for Nate this week as he will give his presentation.

While I have been working longer days, Cori's boyfriend broke up with her. She was upset for the first day or two but now she is moving on. Nate and I are happy because we would rather have a few short term boyfriends instead of one boyfriend for a year or so. All in all we have had a eventful week with boyfriends, jobs, football and colder weather bringing in the Fall season!

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