Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Been a While!

WOW! It has been a while since I have posted to my blog. Let me catch you up on life in the Barber house!

School is out for the summer. I now have a daughter in 8th grade (last year before high school.....ahhhhh) and a son in 6th grade (cant believe no more elementary school). Both kids are SO glad to be out of school...duh! I'm glad to be able to spend more of my day with them and take them to the pool and beach. Cori made the A honor roll and ended the year with perfect attendance and a 4.0 gpa. Joel brought his d's and f's up to a's and b's and finished 5th grade Strong!

Nate and I are taking Bella (our dog) to the beach at least once a week. This makes for great family time with the kids and exercise and socializing with other dogs for Bella. We have been 3 times now and she is learning that she can be off the leash as soon as we hit the sand. Bella also has learned to "protect" her area around my chair on the beach but is starting to sniff and run with the other dogs. She loves going and we all enjoy the break from work to play at the beach. I think this will be the summer we take REAL advantage of living a mile from the beach.
Father's Day at the beach!
Nate is doing well at work and of course still loves his job. He is almost done with school....will be out in Oct with his bachelors degree. My work is going well, we had a manager quit, which leads me to be a full time key manager (still hourly but a big step in the right direction). I still love working in the restaurant and it is never boring.

I have been having some health issues which is really weird to say at the age of 34 but it is the truth. The bottom line of the entire story is that I will be having laparoscopic surgery the end of July or 1st of August to find the source of pain in my right ovary. Since I don't want (nor can have) more kids living with only 1 ovary is fine with me. We won't know the true reason and solution for the pain until the Dr can preform the surgery.  The pain has been gradually getting worse over the weeks since it started in early April. The dr's are managing the pain with meds but as I have a very active life, I can't always be "doped" up on meds nor can I sit on the couch all day.
Nate's company released their 1st of 3 games this year, which is unheard of with a studio, and the next game will be out this summer. This means lots of overtime and crazy schedules but what would life be like without a little crazy.

We signed another year lease and are so bless and thankful for the way God has worked to provide for us and let us live and enjoy life out here. We always miss our family, especially on the big occasions but it gets easier. We have seen Nate's mom, Jen and baby Bryce in April, my cousin in May and my mom is coming in August to that has helped with the missing of family.

When my cousin came to town in May, we all went to a Dodger's game, (don't worry still a Braves fan) and loved the stadium and fans. The game was awesome and can't wait to go to an Angels game too!

It is funny how I was not sure if I would have much to talk about but as I type the stories and thoughts just come flying at me. Sorry if it sounds like I am rambling or jumping from topic to topic. I will try to focus more on my blog updates and keep everyone in the loop of life out here!

Prayer Requests Please!
~ I will miss at least a week of work with the surgery so prayers for finances, and then also a safe surgery and very quick recovery.
~ Nate's continued growth with his job
~ Overall wellness for my kids
~Continued strength as I prepare for the surgery and endure the pain until then!!!! Thanks!!!!!1

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