Monday, January 23, 2012

I Don't Watch the News....

I don't watch the is to depressing or just makes me angry so I avoid it and wait for Nate to tell me anything that is important. As I turned on the tv today, I changed the channel to CBS to see how the weather and storms were in Alabama last night. I saw the following person on CBS and he has created this you-tube video....

Why I hate Religion, But Love Jesus

Now when I started to watch the video I was a little skeptic of this guy but as the video concluded his point was made. We have to embrace the love and grace of Jesus Christ without embracing just the idea of being a religious person. Nate and I were just talking this weekend about how Religion seems to be the new "fad" at least out here on the west coast. It is like everyone is religious about some kind of religion and all these religions and different faiths are being accepted throughout the nation....except Christianity.

Jeff Bethke wrote and preformed this video/poem. He told CBS today that he read a book called "Jesus +  Nothing = Everything."  I like the point he made about how we as people and Christians want to add more to the religion and standard of Christianity instead of just loving Jesus and living our lives for Him. Here is the link from the story I watched this morning on CBS

CBS this morning

This is something that just made me think

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